Friday, May 06, 2011

Fun on Fridays

April 2011 019 Recently, the new Mozambique National Stadium hosted it's inaugural opening futball game.  The Mozambique Mambas were playing the Tanzanian Stars and the whole country was watching.  And the whole dorm was watching - in my bedroom! 

The reception wasn't working in the main room so I had them all come in to watch the second half.  Many of the boys were asleep in their beds by then which made it a little easier for them to squeeze in. 

The new stadium is only about a mile from our center and that will have it's plusses and minuses.  One of the pluses?  Hearing the crowd erupt as the Mambas scored their first goal!  I mean really hearing it, live out the window, not just on TV!

Another plus?  Running out of the dorm to watch the fireworks when the Mambas won!

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