Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kruger Park 2011!

Kruger Park 010

An early morning start - gates open at 6am and we were first in line!

(That means we left our place at 4:30 am!!!)

Kruger Park 030

One of our first sightings.  Can someone please cut the grass?

  Kruger Park 156

Perhaps my favorite sighting of the day - this sweet giraffe was alongside us and came closer to get a good look.  Then he decided to make a right turn onto the road and gallop away right in front of us!  How do they look so awkward and yet so majestic at the same time?  I loved the sound of it too!  So stunning it made me tear up!

Kruger Park 214 

Where we ate our picnic lunch.  This spot was amazing and had so much action.  Six giraffe and so cool to see them bend down and drink!  Zebra, impala and warthogs.  Can you see the eagle in the tree?  He flew over the lake and enjoyed his lunch too!  So were the many, many crocodiles and hippos that were in the water.  We could see about six or so crocs on land and saw many in the water and they were catching fish!  Must have been at least ten different hippo we saw.  A photo can't capture it all but it was amazing!Kruger Park 273

After lunch we came upon another a watering hole owned by this young man.  Sadly, there was a dead impala just there to the left with a lone bird standing on it, staking it's claim.  But without help from a true carnivore, the bird couldn't make much headway.  We felt he was looking around saying, "can I get a little help here?"Kruger Park 465

We ended the day how we began it - with elephants!  A whole herd but this little baby charged up the hill right toward us!  We quickly put some distance between us knowing the mom would be right behind her and if we were in the way, it wouldn't be pretty.  Sure enough . . .

Kruger Park 502

Here's momma, come to protect her baby!  See the baby's trunk copying the mom's?  So adorable!

 Kruger Park 418 

Gorgeous, stunning Africa!

Kruger Park 544

Days Beautiful End!


Tammy said...

Amazing pictures!! And this is a big shout out THANK YOU for commenting on my blog - we won! Thanks! I just have returned from a trip west, so can answer. August... HOT time to be here. Difficult time for tourism because everyone is gone... I have a friend that told me of a place that is "not far" outside the city and is an "old Ukrainian" village kind of place. Traditional buildings, etc. I can ask him specifically. There MUST be transtport from Kiev, bc he doesn't have a car and lives there. I will ask... maybe we could meet there if you're interested. I live 130 km from Kiev. Just a thought! my email is Write me and give me ideas of what you would like to do. Thanks again for the comment! :) Tammy

Sarah said...

Beautiful Laura!