Sunday, May 22, 2011

Something for Sunday

Felt like a stroll down memory lane today so here you go . . .

(limited by the photos I scanned into my computer for my mom's 70th birthday a few years ago)

Joyce with baby Laura

My grand arrival - July 1967!

My mouth has rarely been shut since!


Does that little baby even look like me?scan0046

Pixie Cut!  1972 ish?

Joyce College Graduation with daughters

I was about 11 here, right mom, 1978?


Man, I loved those boots and that sweater!  1985?


Sophomore year in college, 1990.

Laura Graduation1992

The college graduate with 1992 big hair.  I've never liked my hair as much before or since!



Hmm, my hair is decidedly flatter in this 2008 photo!  Must have lost my curling iron that day!

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Nikita said...

That's awesome. You definitely can tell it's you in all those photos. :)