Thursday, June 02, 2011

Children's Day #2 - New Clothes!

 Children's Day 2011 092 

Room #3, the Littlies, didn't have time to put on their new shoes!  In case you're wondering why they're only in socks!  They look so cute in their new outfits.  I feel a bit bad they got shorts and not long pants but I couldn't find eight matching pants in their size.  They love them anyway!Children's Day 2011 046 

Room #1, the Middlies, are so close in height, you can't see them all, we didn't have enough shorter ones to put in front.  But they look dapper in their new outfits! Children's Day 2011 057

Room #2, the Biggies, are full of mischief and good fun in their new duds.  Don't ask me where Antonio, on the right, learned the Charlie;s Angels move, it couldn't have been from me!  Children's Day 2011 059

And here's the whole dorm, waiting for their pressies!  Aren't they handsome? 

Thanks so much for your love and support making things like this possible for these precious little boys who are so easy to please!

Next up: the pressies!!!

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