Friday, June 03, 2011

Children's Day #3 - Presents!!!

Children's Day 2011 073

Oh sweet Elidio with no front teeth!  You love everything you're ever given including this deck of cards!

Children's Day 2011 084

What's in there??? What treasures await discovery?


Children's Day 2011 091

Pretty hard to get a group shot after they get their pressies but we tried! Children's Day 2011 105 Children's Day 2011 106

Paulito and Elido enjoying their new cups!

 Children's Day 2011 107

Jamito is so excited about his pressie, he didn't want to put it down!

Children's Day 2011 123 Children's Day 2011 125

Handsome boys Joao left, and Shelton, right just chillin for a bit!

Children's Day 2011 126 Children's Day 2011 127

Another Joao, left, enjoying his Spiderman towel that grew and Paulito, right, got down to business drawing in his new notebook!

Children's Day 2011 137Children's Day 2011 145

Ryan is just excited about life!  And his soccer ball! And Pedrito is determined to win the happy face maze game - the boys loved this little toy!

Children's Day 2011 136

Neto, left, and Antonio enjoying their new cars.  

Children's Day 2011 140

Alito and Jose (and their runny noses!) have had a fantastic day!

Children's Day 2011 134

And, not atypical, a big day comes with some big emotions!  Pai is upset that someone took one of his candies, but he soon recovered and played the rest of the day away!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love how excited my boys are about the simplest things.  They really love Children's Day and it's my privilege to be able to help make it special for them.

Thanks so much to all of you who are helping as well! 

Who wants to be here for next June 1?  Start making plans now!!!

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Nikita said...

I'm so glad I could be part of this this year! It was so exciting! To anyone else reading this, you should totally be there for Children's Day!!!