Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Children's Day #1: Preparations!

Preparations for Children's Day begins months ahead of time but it cranks into high gear in the two days just before when we match up clothes, pack up gift bags, decorate the dorm and just make sure all the last minute details are in order. 

This post, the first of several, shows just a bit of the preparations to bless these little guys.  I haven't had my camera out nearly enough!

Children's Day 2011 030

An example of the generosity of others, AND how far in advance preparations can begin:  I met up with Liann, my friend from junior high during my last visit home.  She was so touched by the boys that she assembled this big box of goodies for them, including 50 of these amazing cups filled with candy and bouncy balls, kazoos, inflatable balls, and little handheld maze games.  Her workplace paid the shipping - TWICE - because the first time it was returned to the US for some reason.  I'm glad they made it the second time - amazing!  Here they are, ready to get packed into the gift bags.

Children's Day 2011 037Children's Day 2011 034 

The morning of, three of my old boys, who used to live here and now help in the dorm, spent their morning decorating.

The boys had made all these paper chains earlier this week.  We also gave a bag to one of the school rooms - the teacher had heard about the paper chains and asked for some.  That was a new twist I might try and prepare for next year.

Some visitors came to help the decorating get done before the big boys had to leave for school in the afternoon.

Children's Day 2011 039

New outfits for Room 1 - the Spiderman undies may have been the most exciting part! 

 Children's Day 2011 041

New clothes for room 2 - these boys were thrilled with the socks!  It's cold here right now!

  Children's Day 2011 042

And Room 3 - I personally love the colorful undies!  They love it all!

Children's Day 2011 125

And because the post wouldn't be complete without a photo of a gorgeous boy, here's a sneak peek at what's to come in the posts ahead - darling boys, thrilled with their new clothes and delighted with their pressies!  I love 'em!

Here's Shelton, kitted out with new shoes and beanie as well as all the other goodies.

Thank you to all those whose financial gifts allow me to bless these boys in such a fun way!

Happy Children's Day!

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