Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun on Friday!

June 2011 008

Look at the fun these boys are having learning to read and write!

The lovely Anna, whom I first met my first month here, back in 2003 when she and her dad first visited, was here this month for a visit and it was so great to have her here!  After that first visit in 2003, when she was just 18, Anna returned to work here as a long-termer with the girls for several years.  She went back to the US two years ago but came back this month, again with her dad, for a wonderful visit. 

She spent so much time before she came preparing some reading materials for me to use with my boys.  Have you ever heard of Mat Man?  It's amazing and I will have to show in a future photo.  She also created a Portuguese alphabet for me, with photos to go along with the letters. 

When she was here with the girls, she created her own reading/writing program and I asked her to come help me see it in action with my boys.

All three above, Felizardo, Sam and Pedrito, learned to read and write Casa (you see on the chalkboard) and Bebe.  So Fun!  They loved it and were so proud of themselves!

(You might think they're a bit old to learn such simple words.  This isn't a very written culture and they don't watch TV with adverts or see billboards or hardly any other items with words on them.  And the school system?  Well, let's say it's not exactly stimulating and it's not uncommon for our 5th graders to not know how to read or write. This is why I was so excited about Anna's ideas and materials!)

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