Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The "B" Party!

December 2009 092 My sweet friend Meghann is heading back to the US soon after a couple years here in Zimpeto.  I find it so inspiring that she came here right out of nursing school.  What boldness, what bravery!

To celebrate, we had a Good "B" Bye Party to see her off.  She had heard about my old letter parties back in my immediate post-college days and thought it sounded fun.  We both agreed an M for Meghann party didn't offer enough options and B was the optimal letter.  A "B" Party was Born!

My great friend Sam (she's Meghann's great friend too!) and I set to planning.  We made B shaped invitations that were personally delivered strung to a banana - that's where the fun began!

For a letter party, essentially, everything revolves around that letter.  People dress in clothes beginning with the letter, bring food beginning with the letter, listen to B music and play B games.

June 2011 039

A smattering of offerings:  banana bread, bruschetta, bacon bites,  bear bread bites, baked apples, bacon and brocolli quiche, bread and butter, balls of chocolate, bon bons, and more.  And, because this is a bi-lingual party, Portuguese and English, we had all the Portuguese B words to bring: bolachas, bolo, beijinos, batatas and more!  My personal favorite for creativity (and taste!) - the Bolo de Bocaria = Dump Cake!  Bocaria is what the city dump here is called.  Hilarious!

We played Bingo and Bean Bags in a Bucket and Bowling for Bottles.  No one was interested in the Backgammon but it was on offer.  We Beaded Bracelets for Meghann and we made a Book of cards for her as well.  She was presented with a Bouquet of Blooms and Blossoms (although there were no blue ones to be found in the city!) and we had Bunting Banners of B words around the walls.June 2011 040 June 2011 047June 2011 046













June 2011 061

June 2011 063

Sam poses with his strike, the first of the night . . .

And Papa Steve posing with HIS strike!!  June 2011 065 June 2011 045 June 2011 066 June 2011 074 June 2011 077

Natalie won Bingo three times in a row!!!

The real creativity shone thru in people's outfits.  Although it wasn't "required" to wear a costume (we thought, blue, brown, black, boots, belts, etc.) many people did!

Batman, Beany Baby, a Bag, a Bow, a Bankcard, Boxers and Bikinis and Brown robes, a Bearded lady, Beauty Queen and even a Bride.  One of my favs was a British offering, Bill and Ben, whom I don't know but thought was so clever!June 2011 048 June 2011 049 June 2011 051 June 2011 052 June 2011 053 June 2011 054 June 2011 057

If you're looking for a fun theme party, I highly recommend a letter party!

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