Saturday, July 09, 2011

An AMAZING Birthday Pressie - well, three of them!


Meet my three newest boys, who arrived the day after my birthday!

Reginaldo, Fernando and Francisco.  Or is it Reginaldo, Francisco and Fernando?  They're twins!  And since I can't see the scar on Francisco's forehead in this photo, I don't know which one is which!  And how will I ever know from a distance?  Oh Lord, help me, I want to be able to tell them apart!  I can see some differences but from a distance?  Gulp! What happens when their teeth grow in?

I don't know all their story yet as I was away at my birthday hotel when they arrived.  I understand their clothes had to be thrown away they were so bad, they had no shoes or sandals or undies.  I believe that all three, as well as their older brother who is in another dorm, have TB so we will be treating them for that right away. 

Please pray for these precious brothers, that they will feel at home here right away.  That they will encounter and be changed by the profound love of their Heavenly Father.  That they will remain close in this environment.  And that their father will not forget about them here.  And that he will get the care that he needs as well.

And pray for us, as that brings us to 33 active little boys, ages 5-8!!!


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Nikita said...

I will certainly pray for these adorable little boys. I hope your hands aren't too full! Are there many multiples in Mozambique or are twins and such really rare? Do many kids arrive there with illnesses like TB? I'm sure they come with poor clothes and malnutrition and such often, but how many come with actual illnesses?

Meghann said...

I'll be praying for these little guys and for you! 33! WOW! They are certainly precious little pumpkins!
Missing you friend!

Katy said...

More treasures from God to care for as He gives them into your care to be His hands HIS feet and to LOVE them back to life. I Will pray He will work through you and others to be an instrument of His peace,MAY THEY BE LEAD TO THE KING OF KINGS in their precious lives. they are beautiful xox

Laura said...

Hi ladies! Thanks for your encouraging comments and your prayers. Katy, I claim that declaration! And by the way, I got two more the next couple days, so have 35!!