Saturday, July 09, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

July 2011 002 Ok, so I have no photos of me on my birthday nor of my birthday Games Night the next day!  What I do have are a couple photos from the hotel I stayed at for my birthday!  My friend Sharon and I won a silent auction and got a room at the Southern Sun for $50 each!  The room rate for the night we stayed was $261!!!  So we got a steal!  So nice to have a getaway with cable TV, a heater (not often one needs that in Mozambique!), a bathtub and an amazing view!


July 2011 003 Here's my yummy breaky the next morning.  And yes, the egg in front is a little under-done so I didn't eat it.

I find it odd how often I take photos of my food!  Do other people do that?


July 2011 004Below is the view from the restaurant, out to the ocean.    What a nice way to start the day!





July 2011 030Here's Sharon, remote in hand, with our Chinese food lunch.  Check out the open sliding doors to the tub beyond her - we both took out baths with the doors open a touch to watch TV at the same time.  I got to watch CSI!!!

A few friends joined us for a short bit in the afternoon, too short.  But I had a lovely, restful indulgent birthday!

The next day, several friends came over for a Games Night and brought me a delicious chocolate cake too.  It started off quietly enough with a couple games of Boogle and then Sequence.  Then things got all out of hand with the game Pit and lots of shouting in English and Portuguese!  So much fun!

Thanks for all the birthday love!


The Reeds said...

Happy Birthday! The hotel looks lovely!

Nikita said...

Wow, it looks like a beautiful place to stay, and it sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. I'm glad. :) Do you like CSI? It's one of my very favorite shows! Which one is your favorite?