Saturday, July 16, 2011

How could I forget the Piggies???

Botanical Garden Rm 3 046

Our trip to the Botanical Garden that I wrote about a week or two ago included a visit to their piggies!  Porcos in Portuguese.  The boys were so delighted.

Their first question?  "Amigos de Mana Laura?"  "Are they your friends?"  Because I am always trying to teach them to treat animals and living things well, they've taken to calling all sorts of animals and bugs my friends!  So cute! Botanical Garden Rm 3 050

It was tough getting a photo of the piggies and kiddos together, only the above with Ryan really does it.  Ryan looks scared in this photo but in reality, he enjoyed them the most and was the last to tear himself away.

 Botanical Garden Rm 3 051 Botanical Garden Rm 3 052 Botanical Garden Rm 3 055 Botanical Garden Rm 3 059


Nikita said...

Aww, so cute!!!

The Reeds said...

What a small but valuable lesson.. to teach all living things well. What a difference you make Laura. Eternal blessings for sure...

and I love little piggies!

Cute post! :)