Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My humble abode

June 2011 015

A couple weeks back, I wrote about living here in this house the longest I've ever lived in one home.  That still amazes me!

Some people asked about the rest of my house and so, here it is!

The photo above is my room, taken from the doorway from the living room to bedroom.  My cat PussPuss is napping on the bed! And yes, I know that the lower right photo is crooked! 

June 2011 014

Here's my "office!"  Where I sit at the computer, my books and my new bulletin board I made with spray paint and wrapping paper.  This is the only spot for it in my whole room! But I can still see the blue sky, green lemon trees and cute little boys in the garden beyond it.

June 2011 013  

And my wonderful bed (I bought a REAL mattress from a long termer who was leaving years ago, best $50 I ever spent!  They had paid several hundred for it. Some people use foam which you can feel the metal bars right thru - ugh!).  My blue chair was a free hand-me-down from another long-termer who was leaving, the most comfy chair in the center I think.  Great for watching my movies or TV shows that fun friends send me on tape. 

There you have it!  If you come for a visit, you can see it for yourself!


Anne Dye said...

I am just a lurker! My family and I are missionaries in Italy and I enjoy reading blogs about what God is doing in Africa! Your house is really adorable and looks super cozy!

Randy Salle' said...

very cool, I finally get to see what your little place looks like!