Thursday, August 25, 2011

In honor of my Ukraine trip - a story about Borsh!

July 2011 064


So we at Iris Zimpeto are blessed with not one but two beautiful Russian women on our missionary staff!

One is Natalie, my wonderful co-worker in the dorm.  The other is Svetlana who is a loving nurse, taking care of my darling boys (and about 230 other kids!).

I had been asking them both about  making Borsh as I love it.  I have made it before but I wanted the authentic Russian version.

I was informed that as many Russian homes as there are, there are that many ways to make "authentic Russian Borsh!"  (I was also informed it doesn't have a "t" on the end as we Americans pronounce it!)July 2011 067

Wait, what are you saying?  You don't know what Borch is?  I realize some people don't.   It is basically a vegetable soup, with the distinctive characteristic being BEETS!  And it doesn't have to be just veggies, it can have chicken and pork and all kinds if things!  Anyway, it's Beet Soup, Russian style!

July 2011 068So, Natalie sentenced me to the Gulag for the slave labor of shredding all the veggies for the soup!  It was a lot of shredding!  

But it was worth it in the end!  We all enjoyed all-we-could-eat Borsch and spent the evening discussing all we knew about Russian culture!  It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot and we all were stuffed!

   July 2011 071

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Claire Koenig said...

Very cool. I was reading along, wondering how I could gently correct your spelling...Good thing I read more! I have to say beets are not very high on my list, but I know they're good for us, so maybe you can make us borsh next time you're in the area and I can re-evaluate!