Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Pedrito


This gorgeous boy is my little Pedrito.  His name is actually Pedro which we called him until MY Pedro died.  I couldn't call him by that name so soon so I started calling him Pedrito, Little Pedro. 

072511-81I know this could be a bit confusing due to the names but this little guy is the one dearest to my heart after my Pedro.  I adored him since I met him but after my Pedro died (a year in September) I grew to love him more and more. 

I felt it was "safe" to love him more as he came from another children's center where there had been no family contact for over seven years.  Even his name and birthday were given to him there.  So I thought he'd be with us a nice, long time, likely to adulthood, so it was "ok" to love with abandon.

July 2011 015 But last month a woman with very familiar eyes, who couldn't hide her tears, and a man came to visit, asking for Pedro Andre, explaining they were the aunt and the uncle.  After a series of conversations and visits and more tears from the woman, we discovered that in fact, these people were his mom and dad. 

053011-231 The story is long and complicated.  It's easy to point fingers.  Although seven or so years ago, people made the wrong choices, the whereabouts of their son were hidden from them until a random conversation with one of our employees last month led them back to him.  Children's Day 2011 132

Last week, my little Pedrito, whose real name is Joanquin, left us to go live with his mother and grandmother.  I don't know if the mom has stopped crying yet, now tears of joy, perhaps mingled with remorse, but still, joy at being reunited with her son.

Please pray for little Pedrito as he adjusts to life in a new home and a "new" family.

You can certainly pray for me as well as once again I say goodbye to a boy who has taken my heart with him. 




stephanie garcia said...

Your posts about Pedro - and now Pedrito - tug at my heartstrings because I am married to a Pedro and have a Pedro for a father-in-law as well. Maybe it's the name, but I think they are pretty special. May God comfort you in this season of saying goodbye once again.

Caren Gage said...

Oh Laura, You are such a beautiful person with such a big heart. Do not be afraid to love for fear you will lose that person, you will one day be reunited with them. My heart goes out to you. I envy how giving you are. One day Great Things will come to you.

Nikita said...

Aww, precious Pedrito! I love that little cutie. I'm so glad his family has found him and that he can live with them, but I'm sorry you must once again 'lose' one so close to your heart. But at least this time he is still alive and likely happy. I am sure you will see him again, if not here on Earth then in heaven! Praise God!

Marilyn said...

Wow, Laura. Don't know what to say except that I agree with what Caren wrote.

Jodi said...

Wow - once again you are living your dream to reunite the lost with their loved ones. I am so sorry it comes at such a price. Love you sweet friend!