Monday, September 05, 2011

Kiev Churches and Monuments

Kiev 003

St Nicholas Prytyska Church, 17th Century

Kiev 025

St. Andrew's Cathedral, 1749-1754

Kiev 065 

I can't find the name of this gorgeous little cathedral, built like a Lighthouse on the river.  I'm sure my new friend Eric, who hosted me around the city my first weekend, will tell me when he reads this!  There are a lot of these little walk-in cathedral's.  This one was so beautiful!

20th Century



Kiev 098Kiev 082 

St. Michael's Monastery, front and back views, was destroyed by the Soviet regime, rebuilt as recently as the 1990's.   Only a portion of the original foundation, from 1108, remains inside but it was rebuilt to an exact replica.

Kiev 045 Kiev 030

L. An old church relocated to Pirogovo, an outdoor museum showing life in Ukraine from centuries past.  If I remember correctly, this one is several hundred years old.  R. Vydubychi Monastery - on of the many churches there. 

Kiev 043 Kiev 130

Grand Church of the Lavra, Dormition Cathedral, front and back views.  Originally built in the 11th century, destroyed in 1941, rebuilt in the 1990's. 

Kiev 112

St. Volodymr's Cathedral, 1862

Kiev 061 Kiev 085  Kiev 134

Lower Lavra, Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God, 11th Century


The following are photos from the National Museum (outdoor) of the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945.

 Kiev 127



Rodina Mat


The Motherland Ukraine





She weighs 530 tons!




Kiev 099 Kiev 101 Kiev 102 Kiev 103 Kiev 104 Kiev 105 Kiev 106 Kiev 114  Kiev 115

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