Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Family Reunited

  September 2011 005

This is my little Pedrito and his mom, left, and grandmother.  I've written about Pedrito moving home before here, along with several other places in this blog!  In August, he left us and went to live with his family.  We felt it wise to give him some time to adjust to living at home so I didn't visit until the very end of September.  It was SO good to see him looking so well cared for, in great conditions, with family that clearly enjoy him. And as the proud owner of a puppy!  Boy is he loving that dog!  He makes these little whispers to him constantly and was really gentle with him.  They haven't named the puppy yet but perhaps they will have by my next visit.

 September 2011 002 September 2011 004

September 2011 014 So we didn't get a great shot together but that's ok.  I just love having one with that precious face!  I sure miss this little guy and think about him and pray for him every day. 

The neat thing is, his mom is quite open to keeping up a relationship with us - the other day my phone rang and it was them.  She said Pedrito just wanted to say hi to me! Ahh, break my heart!  Please pray that Pedrito continues to adjust well to his new family, home, neighborhood and school.  Pray he flourishes!


Nikita said...

Aww, the cutest thing! Not only is he precious, that puppy is stinking adorable! I'm so happy he gets to be with his family. And he looks just like them!

Marcia Francois said...

I love that you get to do home visits to see how they're doing - that must make you so happy.

Laura said...

Hi Friends! He does look just like them, doesn't he? That was one confirmation in their unique story. And I love that I can visit some of them sometimes! This family has been really open to it, even calling me every so often so I can talk with little Pedrito!