Monday, October 10, 2011

Meet the two new boys!! Garrett and James!

Garrett Mullett

This is Garrett!  Mano Garrett to the little boys.  His sister Aleya worked with us last year for six months, during which time he came to visit her and returned home with a vision to raise funds to build our nursery - so he did.  To the tune of about $25,000!!!  Oh, and he did this while he was still in high school!  So he graduated this year and has come to Zimpeto for a year or so.  His first duties?  To move into my home and look after my darling boys while I am in the US.  I love his courage!  You know what else I love?  In his blog,, he calls them "my boys!"  Not "the boys I'm looking after" - I love that!  Please pray for Garrett that he will learn the boys' names quickly, learn Portuguese quickly, that he will find some personal, private time and that he will have a wonderful time loving on his boys!  (Did I mention he's a wrestler?  How perfect is that for 4-8 year old boys?!?)  Thank you Lord for sending Garrett at the perfect time!

And this is James!  James is from South Africa and will be attending university in the US in January so he found himself with some free time.  James spent a year at a children's center near us and used to visit us a lot during that time.  That center closed and a few of the boys actually live in my dorm now.  He visited in September and spent a lot of time with my boys so I felt led to ask him if he would want to return for any portion of the time while I would be gone to work along with Garrett.  He prayed about it and agreed to come for the month of October.  That is so wonderful that he and Garrett can love on these boys together, giving them an example of Godly men who love the Lord.  James is teaching the boys rugby which I confess I find slightly frustrating since they don't know the world's greatest sport yet, American football!  But it's a small price to pay.  Please pray for James that he will continue learning Portuguese and that God will provide all he needs for school (and that he won't miss out on any financial income for taking this month to spend in Zimpeto!).  Thank you Lord for sending James at the perfect time!

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Meghann said...

Praying for Garrett and James! What amazing provision!!