Monday, October 24, 2011

My mom!

October 2011 001 

I'm having a great time in New Jersey, visiting my mom and Larry for three weeks.  I've visited enough here that I have my little routines that I enjoy: the library every day, pilates on Mon and Thur nights with cousin Sally, church and the diner afterward with Sally and her family, the thrift shops on Monday and Thursday, yard sales on Saturday, Taco Bell and Costco hotdogs and lots of football and British comedies.  So relaxing!

This photo of my mom and Larry was taken on their porch before going to her high school reunion - she graduated in 1955 - class valedictorian! - but her school just has all the graduates together at the same time every few years of so.  They look great, don't they?!

October 2011 004

I went with her to the reunion, she loves to show me off.  It was fun to meet so many high school friends and hear old stories!  What a privilege.

Hi Mom!  it's been a great visit, thanks for everything you do for me and all your love for me!  I love you too! I'll miss you guys!

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