Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back in the saddle again! I mean , back in the airplane again!

DSC_0041Hello from London’s Heathrow airport, on the way home to Mozambique, via a flight into Johannesburg and a shuttle journey to Nelspruit and a car to Zimpeto!  Whew!  I’m tired just thinking about it!

But, I’m energized too!  I can’t wait to get back to see my boys and enjoy life with them!  I imagine their shouts of joy and “Mana Laura! Mana Laura!” and I get so excited.  I miss them when I am gone.  I miss my home and my co-workers and friends and my work and routines.  I miss knowing where my my tape and scissors and nail file are!  I do not however, miss the heat and the mosquitos and the humidity and the dirt!  This photo is Shelton acting like a Mozambican Mama – just one of the cutie pies who await me!

At the same time, I will for sure miss being in the United States with friends and family and the conveniences of home.  It’s always hard to say goodbye and jet off half a world away, literally. 

I am so blessed for both the time I am able to spend in the US and the home I have in Mozambique.  I am deeply grateful to the Lord and the people he uses who help make it possible for me to be in Mozambique, loving on these boys and watching God work amazing miracles of transformation in them.  I’m so privileged to be a part of that process. 

(On a totally unrelated note except that I am in London, why does London insist on warm soda?  Has all of England never discovered the joy of a cold soda?  The cases they are in in the airport are not even refrigerated, they just are meant to look like they are, they’re just lighted cases.  More Englanders need to travel to South Africa whose name for soda tells us how it should be drank – they call all soda “cool drinks” or “cold drinks!”  Sounds perfect to me!  Enough of a tangent for you?)


The Reeds said...

What would life be without tangents?! They're the best! ;)

Laura said...

Georgia, I couldn't agree more! I won't tell your high school students you said that! Hey, what do you think of my new fonts on the page? Too much? I wanted something more playful since it's a blog about kids, not particularly about me (although it's often about me!).

The Reeds said...

I love them! :)

Marcia Francois said...

Laura, it's easy to read so is just fine :)

Teehee about the cooldrink - I never even thought about it LOL

Laura said...

Marcia, I always laughed about what we in the US would normally call soda or pop - "do you want a soda?" being called "cooldrink" or "colddrink" in SA but it's very appropriate! If only those Brits get on board! Definitely shows the different climates doesn't it?