Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Preparations Have Begun . . .


I forgot to take a photo of the Christmas clothing prep but here is the beginning stages of assembling gift bags for 34 little boys who are so excited!  The first trick is remembering where I hid everything two months ago when I left for the US!  I also had someone staying in my house that I wanted to make room for so my usual hiding spots were taken up with my personal things I moved out of I predict the biggest hit will be the sunglasses!!!

What’s not on the bed?  For their bags, a soft drink, a packet of biscuits and a bag of chips.  For the dorm – a DVD player!  And a Tonka truck and some cool lego-like sets and a couple movies.  They will be excited as our current DVD player only works about 1/2 the time, not a fun way to watch a movie!



Thought I’d show you my major decorating endeavors!  Yep, that’s it, a snowman towel!  And let me say, that towel makes me very happy every time I look at it!

I DO have a couple other decorations, I think three or four items, but again, when I packed away to make room for Garrett, I don’t remember where I put those!  And it’s been a bit full on since being back so finding those things hasn’t been a priority.

Merry Christmas preparations everyone!  I hope your homes and hearts are not too harried and that you have time to enjoy this wonderful time focusing on Christ and family and friends!

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The Reeds said...

Laura, Merry Christmas to you and your sweet sweet boys! I keep thinking of a way to share what happened but it doesn't seem like it would be uplifting at all. Thank you so so much though for your kind words and prayers. Especially remember the our dear friends who are dealing with the shock and grief of their tragic loss. Many many thanks~G