Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I’ve got gas! Cooking gas that is!

IMG_0272So there has been a shortage of cooking gas in Mozambique for the last month or so.  Some of the missionaries bar-b-qued their turkeys for Thanksgiving!  My friend Becky very thoughtfully emailed me before I returned to warn me because she knows I always stock up on perishables in South Africa on my way home for the US.  I was grateful for the warning!

Because of the warning, and the heat, and trying to undo some of the damage done by my ridiculous eating habits while in the US, I was able to stock up on things that didn’t need cooking like salads and fruit and such.  And, I had some chili frozen in the freezer that just needed the microwave.  So I’ve been just fine this past week without a stove or oven.

But, it was really nice to get gas back in the house today. The first thing I did was put a pot of 36 eggs on to boil for the boys!  And now I know for sure I can cook my Christmas ham!

Since we’re on the subject, I thought I’d show you my gas replacing process:



Here’s the space where the gas bottle fits into, and the handy dandy tube that connects the gas to my stove.IMG_0274

Here’s the cupboard that needs to be emptied because the cupboard doors are nailed into the shelf unit and the whole thing needs to come out to put new gas in!  Yikes!!!  Good chance to clean after being gone two months!

IMG_0246 (2)


Here is the finished product, snug as a bug in a rug!  I hope it lasts for awhile AND that Maputo doesn’t run out of gas any time soon!





IMG_0249 (2)And here’s the best finished product – the pot of eggs, oh how the boys love em! 

See ya later!  I’m off to go hand them out!



IMG_0247 (2)IMG_0248 (2)

PS:  since I’m showing you pots and pans and cupboards and funky things, thought I’d show you my resourcefulness!  The handle broke while someone else was using the lid and they didn’t save the handle for me, so I had to get clever.  I remembered a piece of wire I had and – voila!  Good as new.  Well, almost!  Anyway, I was pretty proud of myself!


Marcia Francois said...

Thank goodness!!!

Yes, you are indeed very resourceful :)

Laura said...

Marcia, isn't that silly? But it's a perfectly good pot, I can't buy a new one just for the lid. I had tried using the lid without a handle and got a steam burn on my finger, with a blister about an inch long that lasted weeks. That's when I had to get creative!