Monday, December 19, 2011

Maybe I should have been a nurse??

February 2010 059Good thing I'm not upset by blood - perhaps I should have been a nurse?  Antonio (in an old photo at the beach)just came with huge amounts of blood pouring thru his hands, both of them!, from what ended up being a smallish cut on one finger joint.  There’s blood everywhere, inside, outside, in the sinks, on the floor, on the clothes - I had thought for sure whatever was under all that blood was going to need stitches!  Glad for his sake(and mine!) that we don't have to hop in the car to the hospital an hour away! 

And I thank God for our CLINIC!!!!  Some of you might remember that several months ago, the government came in and shut our clinic down (shut as in padlocked and nailed shut!).  We were still able to have a treatment room elsewhere that allowed us to meet basic needs.  But sometime while I was in the States, our clinic re-opened, praise God!

I didn’t even know it, I was heading with Antonio and the Tia to the  treatment room, saying “I don’t think anyone’s there!” and Tia Marta responded, “no, Mana Laura, the clinic is open again!” 

After seeing that Antonio had in fact a smallish cut and wouldn’t need stitched, I returned to the dorm to help clean up and also finish my dinner.  All the other boys were gathered on our storage boxes, waiting for a clean floor before watching their summer-night movie.  So we decided to pray for Antonio to not hurt and the cut to close up and no infection or problems!  Such heartfelt little prayers for their friend!

Thank you to those who prayed for our clinic to be re-opened!

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ShaunaLeigh213 said...

Oh sweet Antonio! Praying for you and the boys!