Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Night Sleepovers Commence Anew!



One of the fun things I’ve done for years with the boys is Saturday Night Sleepovers!  If I’m home and free on a Saturday night, I invite 4-6 boys in and they get to watch a special film that the rest of the boys haven’t seen yet.  Usually I make them some popcorn but there is a shortage of cooking gas here in Maputo and I have none so I can’t make them the popcorn.  Anyway, they usually have that and a juice or a soda.  Then they pull their mattresses in to the living room and play themselves to sleep.  They love it and I enjoy it too!

The current movie I just brought back with me is Night at the Museum.  It’s a bit scary for the little ones so I will choose another film for the rest of the group.  But these big boys have enjoyed all the action!











Have a great weekend!

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Nikita said...

Aww, how cute! That's such a great idea, Laura.