Monday, April 25, 2011

Bloggie Break

I know I periodically disappear and I really mean to not do that.  But this time I have a good reason.  Coming out of the fog has meant actually haven't to get to work on my master's courses, two this semester.  Two big projects with their accompany 25 page papers, Book Reviews on about 2000 pages and two evaluations are all due in about a week.  Because I procrastinated greatly, for a number of reasons, I am now doing nothing but schoolwork!  But - I'll be back!

Sunday, April 03, 2011



Fog is funny.  Sometimes it's so dense and thick that if you are driving in it, you either pull over and wait for it to lift or you drive cautiously along at about ten miles and hour with your hazard lights blinking, even on roads you travel every day, hoping other drivers will see you and you will see them.  That is really dangerous fog.

Other times, you can look all around you and think, "wow, it's foggy over there."  But as you keep driving, you never enter that thick fog, you just keep thinking the fog is elsewhere. But when you look back, you realize you just drove through what looks like a dense patch.  But all the while, you could see where you were going, just not very far ahead.  It was a little hazy and not crystal clear but you weren't socked in. 


Are you still with me?

I feel like I have been in a fog since my sweet Pedro died. 

At first it was like that dense, thick, pea-soup fog, my hazard lights flashing, moving ever so slowly, trying to find my way in what used to be such familiar territory - my life - but suddenly felt like The Twilight Zone.  I didn't recognize a thing.  My feelings, my thoughts, my hopes and dreams, my present and my future - all felt like foreign territory I had never walked thru before.

I just realized this week that at some point, it has begun changing into that looser type of fog.  Things are starting to look familiar again, but if I look too far ahead, all I see is a thick wall.  But I am beginning to find my way, one step at a time.  I am getting back into some routines and habits that had fallen by the wayside.  I am regaining some motivation for the necessary things of life. 

For You light my lamp;
the Lord my God illumines my darkness.

Psalm 18:28

So I'm not looking too far ahead.  I trust that God has his plans firmly in place for me but I am not trying to figure out what they are.  But I am enjoying each day more and finding my footing again.  I will fill you in via future blog posts about what some of that is looking like, especially in terms of my work with my darling boys.

Thanks so much to those of you who still pray or write or remember, as God puts on your heart.  It is much appreciated!