Friday, January 13, 2012

A few more Christmas pressies!

IMG_0361There have been a lot of changes in my dorm in the last couple weeks.  Just before Christmas, we got three new boys, as in new to the center and the dorm.

To the left is Deldon who is pretty quiet but getting used to this noisy bunch.

Below are Pedrito on the left and Marcos on the right.  Pedrito is as sweet as can be and Marcos is tough but not a bully.  Great kids!

Pedrito and Marcos have already moved up to the next dorm, just this week, but that’s the topic for another post!


Please pray for our kids who come into the center that they will adjust to their new homes.  And pray for those who move out that they will make their new dorms their home or will be able to reunite with someone in their family who can and will take care of them.  In the meantime, pray for me to be able to love these boys and create a growing, thriving home environment for them!

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Nikita said...

Deldon is such a cutie! I pray for all of those little munchkins all the time.