Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Baby Tortellini!


Well, imagine our surprise when one morning, this little guy showed up!  I have been housesitting in a home across the driveway from my house and dorm and that house has come to be called “Ralph’s House” in honor of the only permanent resident – a 25ish pound tortoise who outlasts all the occupants who come and go!  One morning – we discovered Ralph had a little friend!

Was Ralph really a woman all this time?  And, ahem, how had this happened?  But no, after checking on the internet, Ralph is indeed a man and we have no explanation for where this little peanut came from.

If the kids had found him, they would have been all over themselves showing everyone in sight, as they always do.  And it’s hard to imagine an adult putting him in the garden but not saying anything to anyone.  He’s so little – he’s lucky he wasn’t run over by the lawn mower the day before we discovered him!

I got to enjoy him for a couple weeks before we had to find a new home for him with great friends who live over in Matola.  At least I will get to visit him!

Tortellini, my apologies for not cleaning the schmutz off your back before I took your portraits!  I did get a clue at the end there.



The Reeds said...

Oh my! He's precious!!

Laura said...

Not as precious as Claire but he's pretty darn cute!