Monday, January 02, 2012

Merry Christmas Clothes!


Here’s all the gorgeous pumpkins in their new Christmas clothes!  They clean up nicely, don’t they? DSC_0065

Room One, the middlies.  A couple missing, Lucas and Vernanzio.  Darling aren’t they?


Room 3, the Littlies.  And the hardest bunch to get a good shot of!


Room 2, the oldest, missing Domingos.  Chico, on the far right, never likes to smile in photos, silly guy.  He’s usually crossing his eyes or something like that. 

The kids love getting their new clothes and they look quite spiffy at church now.  I love how appreciative they are of everything they get.

Did anyone else get new Christmas clothes?


Meghann said...

#1- They all ADORABLE and I miss every single one and you!
#2- I'm in shock that Shelton is in the oldest room...I hope he still has that super sweet voice...otherwise I might cry!
Love you and I'm praying for you and the boys!

Nikita said...

I agree with Meghann--they are super cute and I am shocked that my little boys are in the big boy group! I loved your reindeer antlers, too. :) I did get a new tshirt for Christmas--my family owns a black labrador retriever, so that was my grandma's gift theme for us. We got all kinds of black lab stuff, including matching tshirts!

Nikita said...

I just realized--where's Neto?! Did he move up?