Tuesday, January 03, 2012

More Christmas Delight!


Here’s the little munchkins diggin in to their gift bags and enjoying all the little contents – marbles and balls and little frisbees and blow up soccerr balls (the biggest hit) and sunglasses and notebooks and crayons and balls and biscuits and chips and drinks and candy and cars and army men and bendy men and soft toys and so much fun!  They were delighted with their treasures!

Actually, we did the Christmas schedule a little different this year because it fell on a Sunday and we had church at 10.  So the boys got their new outifts and the big dorm gifts before church.  The gifts were  a soccer ball for each room, a Tonka truck and a DVD player!

Then we went to church and the gifts were to be distributed afterward.  Because we feed the community who come to church every Sunday, our center kids weren’t going to eat til 2:30ish so I prepared a little snack for them to eat after church: sardines and pasta!  Can you imagine that being a snack for 4-8 year old American boys??






New twins, Lourenco and Francisco – aren’t they pumpkins??

I’m glad they’re not identical so I can tell them apart, unlike my other set, pictured below!


Casmeiro and Felizardo love their snack!


Then the boys waited for Papa Steve and Pastor Nico to arrive to give out their gifts – they really are so patient and well-behaved – most of the time!

Now, they can enjoy . . .



Paulito and Reginaldo – cutie pie patooties are very happy!


Twins, Francisco and Fernando looking cool!


Francisco happy with his drink.  Please don’t tell Mr, Cool, Deldon, that his shades are on upside-down!


Shelton, darling as ever.  Elton (minus the Sh) very content with his stash!


Sweet, sweet Lucas enjoyed his gifts and all the fun around him!

What a bunch of little lovebugs – it’s such a joy to bless them in big and small ways.  Thanks to all of you who help make this Christmas celebration possible, especially Rock Harbor church in Costa Mesa, California.  I am deeply grateful to God for your sacrificial giving and tender loving care for me and my boys!

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Meghann said...

Ok...I'm in shock...Lorenco and Francisco are in your dorm! Man they grow up TOO fast! And Lucas looks fabulous! So glad to see Christmas was a success and huge blessing as always...wish I could have been there to pack all those bags with you!