Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Story of the Hot Pink Towels!


Shopping can be a funny thing here in Moz.  Sometimes, it’s very straightforward, you go to the store and buy 200 sausages at one shop for New Year’s Eve in 15 minutes flat.  Other times, you drive around to four different stores and still don’t find the chairs you need for the kids’ mealtimes.

The story of buying the towels was half and half.  Here in Moz, many, many things are sold on the side of the road, either by permanent vendors who sell the same things in front of their homes or by mobile vendors, walking along the roads selling any manner of things from brooms and bras to Santa caps and soft drinks.

There is one vendor not too far from the center who sells towels in front of her home.  In fact, there are three different ladies right next door to each other who sell towels in front of their homes.  That’s how it’s usually done here – people are all selling the same thing in the same places, funny.  Diversification anyone?

So the first step is to stop on the side of the road at Sandra’s, where I bought towels once before.  Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t home and lost out on a big sale.  Laurina, a diminuitive of my name that she was SO excited about, was home and assured me she could buy 30 towels, ten of each color for my three rooms which are blue, red and green.  Phone numbers were exchanged and she promptly called me two days later to tell me she needed me to drop by 1000 mets, about a third of the price, so she could buy them.  Bummer she hadn’t told me that while I was there.  So back I go to drop off the money with her beautiful teenage daughter. 

She then called the next day to say she had the towels.  I went there and met her sister as she wasn’t there.  The first set of towels – hot pink! – were of pretty good quality for 100 mets each (about $4).  But the second two sets, blue and orange, were horrible!  You could see thru them!  Even her sister said “she didn’t choose well with these.”  So after speaking with Laurina on the phone with her assuring me she could get twenty different towels, I took my hot pink set and left the others. 

The next day she called again to say she had my towels.   I drove there and discovered she had twenty more of the hot pink towels!

So now we are a boys dorm with 30 hot pink towels!  These boys don’t mind a bit, they just think it’s so exciting to get something new.  I’ve never had the same color for the whole dorm, it’s always been easier to control things by room.  Here’s hoping these hot pink towels will last a good long time in each of the rooms!

Lastly, a big thank you to Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa, CA for their generous donation this December.  They have covered not only the towels but so much more – Christmas clothes and gifts, bed cushions and sheets (still to come) and more!  They have a fantastic First Fruits program that I was blessed to be the recipient of – thank you!



The Reeds said...

That's so funny and sounds just like Africa!!

The Reeds said...

p.s. maybe you could sew tags on of the different colors? Or too much work?

Laura said...

THAT is a great idea! Was thinking of sewing on a loop for hanging them without tearing the towels. Wonder if I can get colored elastic - haha!!