Saturday, January 14, 2012

Think I got enough new boys in the last two weeks?

IMG_0255 (2)

It’s the time of year for dorm changes.  13 of mine moved up to the next dorm – sad  but we got lots of new little ones in from other parts of the center as well as two littlies from the community. 

Introducing . . .

Jerso and Jeremias.  These boys need prayer for adjusting to  life with structure and boundaries again as they have been on their own.  They’re quite feisty and know their own mind.  They also look out for each other.  It would be easier if they came into a more settled dorm but with so many new little ones who also don’t know the ropes, it’s a bit chaotic here.  Please pray that I and the tias have lots of patience – for all the boys and ourselves!

IMG_0254 (2)

Jeremias, who has three other names including a famous footballer, Reginaldo, who came after his mom died and he and his brother were fending for themselves for a month or two.

IMG_0256 (2)

Jerso, Jeremias’ older brother.IMG_0258 (2)

Ernesto from the Baby House – he has the funniest little smile that scrunches up his whole face!


Adilson came from the transition house, also known as Tracey’s dorm.  Isn’t he handsome?  Some kids spend a year there between the Baby House and my dorm, depending on space.  Any Cards fans reading this blog?

IMG_0259 (2)

Meet my third set of twins, Lourenco and Francisco.  Fortunately for me, they aren’t identical so I can tell them apart!  They are gorgeous and came directly from the Baby House.

IMG_0260 (2)

Francisco, the more outgoing of the twins.

IMG_0261 (2)

Lourenco, the follower,  Wonder if he was born second?

IMG_0262 (2)

Felix who also came from Tracey’s transition house.  He’s a bit older than the rest of the littlies who came.

IMG_0263 (2)

Luis, from Tracey’s, the biggest helper ever!

IMG_0264 (2)

Paulo Luis (one of TWO Paulo Luis, unrelated, who live in this dorm!) came from Vella’s transition house.

IMG_0265 (2)

And lastly Pai, also from Vella’s dorm.  We’ll be getting two more from Vella’s dorm sometime in the near future. 

So, including Deldon from the previous post, that is 11 new boys to the dorm in about two weeks time!  Please pray for us!! Smile


Adele said...

Guess I'm a Cardinal fan, seeing that their SuperBowl was the only football game I have watched in its entirety,a and seeing that I get to do an interview with Kurt in a month...

I have NO idea how you deal with the constant changes, having to help new kids adjust. Hats off to you, my friend!

Samantha Peat said...

GORGEOUS!!! Praying for you and this huge transition... I know it's always hard for you!!
Missing ya!

Meghann said...

Praying my friend...there are LOTS of personalities in those little guys...I cannot believe they are all with you know! :) Many many prayers during your HUGE transition!

Laura said...

Um, Adele, I hate to break it to you but the boy in this post wearing this particular Cardinal's shirt is sporting the BASEBALL variety, not the football team! It's the St. Louis Cardinals for baseball and Arizona Cardinals for football. But I won't tell Kurt!
Sam and Meghann - get back here and help me pour some lovin on this precious bundles!

Nikita said...

Aww, so many precious little ones! I can't believe the kids I met in the Baby House are growing up too!