Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colors and Shapes


Please try and ignore the fact that every single photo ever taken in our “sala grande” or, big room, is awful.  The lighting in there is the pits! 

So since I have so many new boys now, a third of the dorm is new to me, I decided to start the year off with some “assessment” of where they are at.  I use quotes because I am not a teacher and there’s nothing formal about my assessment, just an idea of what the kids know and don’t know and who works well together with whom, etc.


We’re taking a look at colors and shapes and numbers and letters and if the kids know how to cut with scissors or hold a pencil properly or write anything or even follow directions!


This was a two part activity, the first as you see here, where I called a different boy to stand on a different shape or color.  Then I had each boy start on a particular shape and I called out the next shape they had to jump to, progressing thru all of them. 

I think the novelty of standing on a piece of paper was the biggest hit of all!


Although Feliciano IS quite a bit taller than everyone, the fact that he is in the front and that he is on his tippy toes makes him look like a giant!  He has some special needs that have kept him in my dorm even though he’s older than the rest.



Just an attempt at a shot of the layout of the place.  The boys sat so patiently while I would call out a boys’ name to go stand on a particular shape or color.  They love helping each other too!


Steve Finnell said...

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Nikita said...

Aww, so cute. What a great idea, too! I think it's so funny that Feliciano looks so big and he's wearing a Giants shirt!!! haha.