Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Gazebo by any other name is a Pajorta!


There’s the almost finished product, a new Pajorta, otherwise known as a Gazebo, in the beautiful late afternoon sun.  The sky was just gorgeous!  (Technically, it’s not the finished product because the straw has been trimmed around the edges to give a nice clean cut look!).


Here’s Ermilio creating our pajorta.  It took him and another man about three days.   This is third pajorta we’ve had in the nine years I’ve been here.  The wooden posts get eaten by termites and we have some very strong wind storms (like the cyclone that passed through on Saturday and the two from two weeks ago) that easily take them down when they’ve been weakened by the termites, 

The garden gets full (HOT!) sun in the early afternoon when the kids are in there playing so it’s wonderful to have a shady place for them to play that isn’t inches from my living room when I am trying to teach the afternoon program in there!

Special thanks again to Rock Harbor for their generosity in making this possible.  This simple structure is deceptively expensive and we wouldn’t have one if it weren’t for Rock Harbor!

But while I’m at it – a  big THANK YOU to all of my supporters who help make all we do here possible.  It all ads up, every dollar, and I am so blessed by the generous, sacrificial giving that makes it possible for me to be here blessing these gorgeous boys!  Thank you and may God bless you richly!!DSC_0063

(Here’s a shot from the frame of the old pajorta that had fallen down – he was able to re-use quite a bit of it thankfully.  I was always amazed the boys didn’t destroy it when they used it for a jungle gym!)

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