Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Computer-Free Wednesdays


(More handsome boys who have nothing to do with this post!!!)

To carry on with March’s theme of so-called sacrifice, I wanted to share another endeavor I have embarked upon.  But this isn’t just for March - this will be on-going indefinitely.  Maybe, maybe not forever.  But for some time.

By the way, I don’t write “so-called” in front of sacrifice to be disingenuous.  I am just aware that my attempts at limitations and giving things up are rather small and painless in the grand scheme of things.  This isn’t a 40 day fast.  I’m not evening fasting one meal (although I might have to if my money runs out – ha!).  Nor have I given up the internet entirely.  Not to mention personal sacrifices people make on a regular basis. I’m not even giving up Coke Lite for Peat’s sake (Hi Sam!). 

I’m just aware that what I am giving up is rather small and temporary and it just seems too self-important to keep referring to it as a month of sacrifices.

Back to the topic at hand!

In the last post, I wrote about realizing how much time I spend on the computer reading about doing things rather than doing things themselves.  I could no longer ignore how much time I waste on the computer instead of enjoying real-life things.  Like people, reading, crafting, cooking.  Even watching a movie!  I may have used the work “addicted” to refer to my time on the internet. 

I’ve always wanted to live an intentional life.  To live deliberately.  To Seize the Day!  I came face to face with the fact that 2011 was not “The Year of Living Deliberately” in my life.

Now, I do think that this year of what I might call laziness and inertia if you will, has it’s roots in my grief over losing Pedro at the end of 2010.  This impacted me in ways too deep to explore in this blog post.  Suffice to say, grieving took a lot of my energy and heart and time.  The internet was easy and didn’t require any effort from me.  I could lose myself in it. 

Mind you, God has been faithful and present and a great comfort to me since Pedro died.  But we all have coping skills and we all make choices.  And I think I chose to check out for awhile.

It’s time to check back in. 

So, Computer-Free Wednesdays.  I won’t be turning my computer on, on Wednesdays.  Not even for email.  I wrestled with this initially because of both my parent’s health and realized that if something happens, they both would call me anyway, not email me.  So there it is, no reason not to unplug for one day a week.

To show what a wimp I really am, I have to tell you, I chose Wednesday because it’s Home Group night here at the center so I knew 7-10 would basically be temptation-free anyway!  But as it turns out, it hasn’t been very hard at all.

And the neat thing is, between giving it all up on Wednesdays and giving up facebook and blogs the rest of the time, I really am beginning to live more purposefully again. 

I have decided to have people over for dinner every Wednesday, so I am both cooking and socializing (with real, live people, not their facebook photos!).  I am reading more, I’m exercising daily for the last month, I’ve even enjoyed a craft evening with a few friends.  (I’ve also watched two seasons of Survivor but hey, entertainment is still good!).

If you’ve ever wondered if you should unplug for awhile, disconnect from whatever screen takes up the most of your time, I highly recommend it!  Even if you set yourself a small time frame to begin with.  If you have ever done this, I would love to hear about it!  I get encouraged and inspired when I hear about people trying to make deliberate choices for their lives and it all looks so different for each one of us.

Now, I’m off to eat some of my homemade chili and read one of my textbooks!


Samantha Peat said...

LOVE the Shout-out!
And, I'm inspired!!
Although I do have a smart phone... so. I will do this with you. Wednesdays. No emails, Facebook, Pinterest.. Eek! This means no Netflix, either!
Nothing Internet related.

Thanks, woman. I miss ya, Laura from Bora Bora!

Marilyn said...

Great post, Laura!
Internet CAN be such a waste of time, but it can help me save time too (it's my library). Hard to find the balance.

I am also yearning to develop, re-develop my friendships. In the end, they are what matters.