Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun in the Sun! And there’s always sun!


There’s a botanical garden not too far from our center, hidden away, way, way off the main road, down a bunch of dusty dirt roads.  They really do have an amazing amount of plants there. 

But the boys love to go there for their little playground, that’s the best part for them!  They love the big toys to play on that are different from what we have here.

Above, Paulo takes his turn at driving the car, by far the most popular toy there!


Pai, Alfeu, Reginaldo and Paulo Luis are enjoying the bridge.


Twins, Francisco and Lourenco are way too young to be driving!!!

IMG_0347AAlito is just about to set sail on his cool swing.IMG_0380IMG_0365

I love that Casmeiro is in the tube while Felizardo and Pai are swinging it away.  He doesn’t look any worse for wear!


“Hellloooo Agostinoooooo!!!”


Finished off by a yummy snack of hard boiled eggs, grapes, chips and a lolly – yum!  For the boys, that makes up for making them play outside when it’s a thousand degrees!


Nikita said...

They look like they had lots of fun despite the heat. I always forget that your seasons are opposite of ours--we're thoroughly enjoying the arrival of spring: 60 degrees (F) and sunny--so blissfully rare in GC, PA!

Laura said...

We are just beginning to have some cooler temps - yay! It's past midnight and I think it's 80 degrees, wonderful!