Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moms for Mozambique–Countdown Begins!

IMG_0105 (2)Hi potential praying moms!  It’s not too late to participate!  If you would like to pray for one of my boys for the month of May, in honor of Mother’s Day, please let me know and I will send you a photo and brief bio of one of my little munchkins.  Please read below for more information!  If you know someone else who might like to join in, please feel free to share this info with them!


There is no one like a Mom! And May is the month of Mother’s Day in many parts of the world, a wonderful thing to set aside a day to honor the most important person in many people’s lives, their mother. Although no mom is perfect, most people love their moms with a love that they don’t share with anyone else. And, most moms love their children with a passionate love that is unmatched in any other relationship.

But there are many children who, for one reason or another, find it difficult to share that special bond with their mothers. I happen to live with 28 of them in our children’s center in Zimpeto, Mozambique. Some of these precious boys in my dorm do have mothers who love them and whom they adore but they are currently not able to live with them. However, although they long to, the majority do not have a close relationship with their moms, through abandonment or death or circumstances.

I felt God drop a little idea in my heart recently on behalf of my sweet boys who don’t have their moms to tuck them in at night, wipe away their tears and dream with them for their future.

I’d like to invite all the Moms I know – and even those I don’t! – to set aside the month of May, in honor of Mother’s Day, to pray with their children once a day for one of my boys in my dorm.

If you choose to participate, I will send you a photo and a brief bio of one of my boys. You and your children can then pray once a day for the month of May for this special boy. You can pray however you like, but my thought was just with the heart of a mom for a child, the same types of prayers you might pray for your children. You may also pray that God would fill that role of a mom in their life in his creative ways! Even that the children with moms might be able to be reunited with them in a healthy environment!

(*If you would like, please feel free to share with me your child(rens) ages or birth month and if possible, I will try and make a match to make it special for your kids!)

IMG_0018_thumb1My hope is that at least 28 moms will choose a child to pray for so that each one of my boys is being prayed for specifically in this month of May. If you would like to pray for one of my boys, please contact me via email, via Facebook comment or private message or via a comment on this blog. Please include your email address and I will email you a photo and bio of a darling boy! (and please feel free to share this invitation with people you know via your Facebook or blog if you like, no pressure!)

Frequently Asked Questions (or at least what I think might be asked since no one has asked any questions yet!):

1. Is there a financial commitment? No, this is a prayer commitment. If you would like to make a financial donation you are welcome and it would be a blessing but it is not necessary, just jot me a quick note and I can provide the information.

2. Can I pray if I’m not a mom or my kids can’t/won’t join me to pray? Absolutely! All prayer changes lives! The focus is for moms with their kids but I welcome anyone who wants to pray for my boys!

3. Can I pray if I’m a dad? Absolutely! Wow, maybe I need to do this in June! This nation of Mozambique struggles greatly with fatherlessness so these boys need men of God influencing their lives, even via prayer!

4. Can I join in even if I hear about this after May has started? Please do! Whenever you hear about this, if you feel led to pray, please contact me!

5.  This isn’t a question, just a comment:  please feel free to share the contents of this post on your blog or facebook (and let me know if you think of it!) but if I send you a boys’ story and photo, please do not share that publically (electronically).  It’s no problem to tell your family or friends, perhaps they’d like to pray with you, but please don’t post the boys’ photos and private details in any public manner – thanks!

I can’t wait to see how this unfolds! May God bless all you Moms out there!


Just a couple photos to give you a glimpse of the cutie pies!!!


PS:  I’m touched that so many people are sharing this on their facebook pages!  I love that’s getting the word out to so many other people.

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