Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pajamas! Cutie Pies in Pajamas!


Well, if you know anything about Africa, and Mozambique, it’s that it’s hot.  Except when it’s not!  And for us, it’s not hot at about 70 degrees when we all start freezing and wearing long sleeves and jackets and hats.  Yep, while most of America is excitedly pulling out shorts as Spring arrives and it hits the 70s, we begin pulling out the cozy clothes.


There’s nothing quite so cozy as a nice pair of pajamas, is there?

IMG_0103 (2)

The boys were thrilled to come home from church and open the doors to their rooms and find PJs everywhere!  What a whoop and a holler was let out all over the dorm!  It was joyful pandemonium!


Thanks to my lovely friends, Heidi and Justin Fox, all my boys will be sleeping toasty in their beds this fall and winter! 


Heidi and Justin worked with a kids’ club in their children’s elementary school and they chose my boys to be the recipients of their generous giving.  Through talking with me, they decided to raise money to buy the boys PJs.  What generous families!IMG_0146

They raised $250!!!  I thought that would be more than enough but as it turned out, it was just enough as their PJs averaged $10 a piece for 28 boys.  That is so amazing and wonderful!IMG_0136

Thanks you SO much Kids’ Club and thank you Lord for putting it on their hearts to provide!

IMG_0107 (2)I got to have all the fun (and all the effort, let’s be honest here) of finding the PJs for 28 boys.  That was a LOT of stores I went to.  I wanted a different set for the three different rooms so the Tias knew which ones were theirs, they prefer it like that.  I was feeling a bit frantic toward the end but I ended up with exactly 28 sets, in the right sizes, only a couple not matching.



But look at these little gorgeous non-matching toesy-toes! Who do you think they belong to???


He got a onesy the perfect size and full of cuteness, just for him. 

By the way, my lovely friends had offered to buy all the PJs and send them to me but I knew that would cost more for mailing and be hard to get all the right sizes.  So when I mentioned “the effort,” I wasn’t complaining – just acknowledging it wasn’t ALL fun! 

But it sure was fun picturing them being so happy to receive them and being all snug and warm in their beds.  That was the fun part!

Thank you to the Killybrooke Kids’ Club and all the kids and families who gave so generously!  Thank you Heidi and Justin for being so creative and thoughtful in your support!

Thanks to my wonderful friends and supporters who make it possible to care for these amazing boys!  I couldn’t be here without all of you!

Enjoy your spring weather while we enjoy our break from the heat!

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Nikita said...

Oh my gosh, they are so adorable! I LOVE Lucas's pj's!!! So precious!