Wednesday, May 09, 2012

It’s All Worth It . . .


This precious boy is two years old.  He weighs about 6 kilos – about 13 pounds.  Six months ago, he was a healthy, chubby, happy little boy of normal weight and health.

He had been living with his mom but in November, his father came and took him and went away to the north with him.  The mom went to the police and got documents that she could take to the police in Gaza where the father was living with a new wife.  All of this takes a long time. 

The mom came to our ministry to help with finances for the bus ride to Gaza where she went to the police and they went to the father’s home with her, where she discovered her son in this condition.  Can you imagine her mother’s heart?  Why?  Who knows?  Did the father not know how to care for him?  Was he too poor to feed him?  Why go to the trouble of stealing him away only to neglect him so horribly?  All questions to which we’ll never have an answer, satisfactory or otherwise. 

The mom went and got her son last week and then came here to see if our clinic could help him.  Our reintegration team took one look at him and suggested he stay with us for a couple months while we help him recover.  As they sat in our dining area, one by one my Tias entered and each one gasped in shock when they saw him, as they remembered a happy, pudgy little boy. 

This little one will not live in my dorm, he’ll be in the Baby House being lovingly cared for.  And, this little one will shortly return to live with his mom who obviously wants her son.

But many other children whom we’ve received in these conditions do not go home to loving families.  They stay with us and grow up with us and I have the privilege of loving and caring forIMG_3603 them.

These are the situations that remind me that what I am doing here in Mozambique is one of the most rewarding and wonderful jobs in the world!  Any sacrifices I might make to be here pale in comparison to the joy of loving these little ones as they were created to be loved.

Certainly my days are often filled with frustration and overwhelming moments – there are simply so many precious ones wanting my time and energy and attention.  But I am reminded that anything I do on behalf of the “least of these” is as if I’ve done it to the Lord Jesus himself – what a privilege!  Thank you for partnering with me in this work my friends and loved ones!


pamelitarose said...

Precious boy. Thank you, Laura for the sacrifices you make everyday. Love you, girlie!!

susanna said...

That kind of love is powerful, Laura! I love that you love these boys like Jesus does!

Marcia Francois said...

I love your heart so much :)

and this story made me all teary...

Laura, I'm just now catching up on your blog but please put Dion down for a boy to pray for in June. He and the kids pray so nicely every night and they (we) would be honoured to pray consistently for a little one. A 3-year-old would be great but any boy will do.

If you don't mind, please also send me your address and we will make a card for him and send him a pic of his South African friends.

Amanda said...

Amen, amen, amen! Thank God for your sacrifice and for the love you have to give to the least of these! You are an inspiration Laura!