Monday, May 07, 2012

Momz for Moz–Week One Already Over!


It has been such a blessing this past week to know that over 50 women and their children have been praying for my boys this past week, daily, by name!  What a privilege to have people from so many parts of the world partnering with me in this adventure!

If you know anyone who wanted to join, it’s not too late, they are welcome to contact me and I’ll still send them a photo and bio – all of my boys have at least two women praying for them but we can always have more!

The photo above is of a family who was reunited earlier this year.  The twins and the youngest al lived in my dorm.  I don’t know the details of their story, why they were with us, but their father AND mother and grandmother came to get them and they’ve become a united family again.  This is one of my hopes and prayers for all of my boys – for God to do a work in the families so that they can provide a loving, healthy home for their children (grandchildren, nephews, cousins – any family connection is wonderful!).  Even if you aren’t participating in Momz for Moz, please join me in this prayer!



Going home!


passion.purpose.purity said...

Oh that is such a happy post!!! Amazing to make a visible difference :) Loving praying for you and the boys! x

Marcia Francois said...

I love that picture! Tells such a great story :)