Thursday, May 03, 2012

Summertime–and the reading is easy!


I’m taking a master’s course, semi-distance, in Organizational Leadership.  The classes are fantastic and the books are fascinating – usually – but it is nice to be able to read something different without required reading hanging over your head, about 1000 pages per class!


I just finished writing my last paper for the Spring semester.  That means I am 2/3 done with my master’s, only one year to go!  (Already dreaming of a second master’s – Holocaust Studies.  It’s just a dream though.  I know I can just read the books but the discipline and structure of classes sure helps me cement what I learn in the books.)

Sooo, free time for me until my next classes in August!  Wahoo!  It sounds like forever but it’s more like 12 weeks.  So, after the last eight months of staring at my bookshelf, wishing I had time to read all the books I collect (it’s a little bit of an obsession), I have chosen 24 books to read over the next 12 weeks!

Yep, two a week, one fiction and one non-fiction. Almost like that, actually, I chose a few more non-fiction than fiction.  We’ll see if I get that many read but it’s  my game, I can make – or break – the rules if I want to! 

Here’s the fiction pile – not shown is The BoIMG_3616urne Supremacy.  I read the first one, Bourne Identity.  As my friend Carolyn told me, they’re different enough from the movies to practically be different stories.  But still very good.  This is my third try for Cutting for Stone – if I can’t get into it this time, that’s it.  It has one of my favorite quotes toward the beginning: “life is like that, you live it forward but understand it backward.” and yet I still can get past a certain point before I lose interest. 

The non-fiction pile, above, is a mixture of Christian books about drawing closer to God, and a 31 day Bible study; a couple books about African countries; a couple books about food and a couple random books.


Here are the first two, I started the top one tonight, Home Cooking – it’s a series of essays on food and cooking and I adore it!  I already read More Home Cooking, found in a thrift shop for $1, one of the best dollars I’ve ever spent.  My friend Becky bought me this one as a gift.  The green book on the bottom, Clover Cottage, was bought at a second hand bookshop in South Africa, more for the color than anything!  I sometimes enjoy these short, old books – this one seems to be about the 60s or so, can you believe it, there’s no publishing date!

(By the way, I have read a few books here and there for pleasure in the last eight months, just not many.)

(Second by the way – it’s winter here!  It just made for a nice title for most of my readers who will understand summer holidays from school.  Winter reading is even better – curled up on the couch with a blanket – lovely!)

What are you folks reading these days, besides my blog?  Please share!


Leann Richardson said...

Nice list of books... I have a few there I want to read, too, that are on my nook or in a stack in the house somewhere. You will have to share your thoughts as you go on what you love. :)

Claire Koenig said...

What am I reading these days? I just finished "The Count of Monte Cristo." Loved the newer movie a few years ago, and the book, of course, was much richer. Have discovered poetry by Don Blanding (Currently reading his collection called "Memory Room"); he traveled the world but especially loved Hawaii. Hope to read "Cutting for Stone" with the book club this fall. I read "French Women for All Seasons." That and her first book, "French Women Don't Get Fat," seemed a bit more like diet books to me. I've made some of the recipes and enjoyed feeling a bit French, but I confess my main reaction to them both is wanting to buy/drink Veuve Cliquot champagne, which is much more expensive than my usual brands... Enjoy your reading!

Laura said...

I've just finished my third book! Here's so far:
Home Cooking - LOVE this book, Leann as a chef you might as well. It makes food and the preparation of it come alive. Makes me want to cook! Not a lot of recipes, it's essays on food that include some recipes. Put the book down and made two big pots of soup, creamy cauliflower and butternut.
Clover Cottage - an old-fashioned novel with no real plot but sweet characters that I have thought of more than once since putting the book down. Made me want to renovate an English cottage! Was utterly shocked at the one-time use of the N word 2/3s thru the book when the nine year old says something like "I heard you've been working like N's" - I was dumbfounded! Made me realize how common that word was, I guess even in England.
French Women Don't Get Fat: the second book was officially on my list but when I started it, decided to buy the first one on my Kindle to read fist, as it was only $6.99. Just finished it. I really enjoyed it and it has me thinking positively about food. Claire, I get what you mean about the diet book but I don't totally agree. I have started writing down what I'm eating and plan to follow her "recasting" suggestions and essentially try and implement a better approach to food. Her book reminded me that when I was in Portugal, I must have eaten some fantastic meals but the one I remember was a perfectly ripe pear with a bit of fresh cheese from a small shop on the beach. All my pleasures were heightened and I am seriously trying to remember one other meal I ate while there. So, if I can eat like that more, truly enjoying what I am eating instead of mindless snacking, maybe my weight will come down and my health will stay strong! It did have me interested in learning to like wine and champagne, neither of which I do, but we'll see!
Oh, and I have The Count of Monte Cristo but it didn't make the cut for my top reading priorities - do you think I should bump something to make space for it?