Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Dad, 1941-2012

Wedding68My dad John Clayton Anderson, died on Friday, August 24.  He was 71 years and one month exactly as his birthday was July 24. 

He had been diagnosed with lung cancer about 18 months ago but he also battled COPD.  The COPD seems to be the culprit in the end although the cancer, and the chemo to help fight it, were factors as well.

Thankfully, he died very peacefully because he was sedated.  And in fact, he has not dealt with actual pain at all, rather the challenges of decreased breathing and anxiety from that and weakness and reduced mobility. 

He had been hospitalized in June and the doctors thought he might not make it then.  I rushed to the US to be with him and he improved!  So I had five weeks with he and Judi during which I could help with practical care and just have time together.  I am very grateful for those weeks.  Last year as well, after his diagnosis, I spent three weeks with them, longer than I usually do, and had a really nice time then too.

Wedding83So although I did not make it back in time to be with him this time before he died, I feel I am blessed by the times we did have. 

I was en route to be with him when he died, that was tough getting the news before boarding the first of three long flights and layovers, a 48 hour journey in all.  But now I will be able to be with Judi, my step-mom, in such a challenging time and help with all the practical things that need doing.  I’m so glad I am able to help.

I have so appreciated the prayers and encouraging words these last two years when I have shared things about my dad.  I also appreciate people who have given to help with the travel costs, what a blessing!  God does indeed provide in amazing ways.

Friends, go tell your loved ones you love them.  Spend time with them instead of the computer.  Forgive what needs forgiving.  Mend what needs mending.  Enjoy every moment you have with the people you love. 

Love, Laura