Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A brief visit to Lassen National Park


While my mom and I were visiting my cousins Donnie and Ann in Burney, California, we took a little impromptu drive to Lassen Park, she had never been before.  She also has the senior’s Golden Pass which costs $10 for life for any of you seniors out there!  So although we only spent about a half hour in the park, it didn’t cost anything!


We’re so glad we went and saw such beauty!  Like my beautiful mom!


Such a cool, barren volcanic landscape!


But I still like this peaceful, inviting, glorious, stunning lake the best.  God, you make all things beautiful!


Jodi Mowery said...

So amazing. Glad you could share that time together.

Laura said...

Hi Jod! I am inspired to reply to my comments. I really enjoyed that trip with my mom, except when she got sick at the end in Vegas :(
Love you!