Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy (belated) Father’s Day Dad!


(This is my dad trying too hard not to blink for the photo!  In the next picture with Judi, he is smiling and looks great instead of shell-shocked!)

Sorry for the long absence from my blog!  Right after I wrote the last post, I found out my dad had gone in the hospital in Florida and I rushed back to the US to be with him.  Fortunately, he improved rather quickly and was able to be released shortly after I arrived.  So, I ended up with five days on the Gulf Coast beach in Sarasota and then a somewhat regular visit with he and his wife Judi. 

IMG_0096He was doing well and stable so I decided to fly up to see my mom for a week and then would head back to Mozambique from there.  But, he took a turn for the worse again and I flew back down to Florida.  But once again, he improved and after nine days, he got out of hospital last night.

I have changed my departure to return to Mozambique on July 11 so I will be able to help them get adjusted to life back at home while he regains his strength and mobility. 

I’m missing my boys and my life at home but I’m glad I can be here to help and enjoy the time with them.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I don’t have any word on the potential house in Mozambique – I am definitely hoping to get it but it’s kind of on hold right now. 

Hopefully, will return to regularly scheduled programming shortly!

Love, Laura