Monday, January 21, 2013

Moving Up, Round One!


This week we said goodbye to two of our special little boys who aren’t  so little anymore!  Yuran and Feliciano are moving up to the next dorm, a move we weren’t sure when, and if, would happen. 


Yuran has some slight developmental disabilities and moderate physical disabilities.  Feliciano has moderate developmental disabilities and slight physical disabilities.


We were pretty sure Yuran would do fine with some coaching and looking after by the older boys.  But Feliciano doesn’t speak (although he has his way of communicating and he understands most commands, just not many concepts) and is not potty trained.  We hope that this will not prevent him from being successful in the next dorm, which has less staff and less direct care than my dorm has.  We are praying this will be positive for both of them, particularly as both of them learn more when they are challenged by older boys.


Although the whole dorm (and center actually!) love Feliciano and look after him, he is especially close with Mana Zaida who has invested a lot in him.  They will miss each other.  In fact, Feliciano arrived the next morning at 6am and starting taking off his clothes for her to give him a shower!  Change is confusing!


Here Yuan and Feliciano are welcomed by the boys in their new room.  Feliciano looks  scared but he wasn’t – just chastised for putting the balloon in front of his face every single time I snapped a photo!  They  were both very happy!

We’ve had more arrivals and more departures – look for more updates soon!


Marilyn said...

Must be so hard to see your little guys move on.

Nikita said...

I do look forward to and appreciate your updates on the boys. I almost didn't recognize Feliciano! My has he grown! Give Yuran a big hug from me next time you see him. I will pray that they both do very well. How are your other special boys (Lucas and Domingos)?

Laura said...

It is hard Marilyn, and weird and not natural. Sigh. But I have, in some ways, adapted to it.
Nikki, can you believe how big both yuran and feliciano are?!? Lucas and Domingos are GREAT! In the Special Needs house 8-4, M-F, getting more one on one attention, and with us getting lots of love and hugs and kisses the rest of the time, a great combination!