Saturday, January 26, 2013

Moving Up, Round Two!


These eight treasures have now moved up as well, to Dorm Four.  You won’t know all the differences but this represents a significant change in the way the dorm moves usually occur.  These eight boys, all around nine  years old have moved to the oldest dorm of boys who have 15-20 years old! IMG_5537

There were several reasons for this shift, and lots of details that needed to be thought and worked through to make it happen.  Although there are some potential downsides, there are also some real positives. 

IMG_5547Like having older brothers to look after them! (and make them sweep or run errands, I am sure.  Isn’t that what older brothers are for?) I love this blurry photo below and decided to include it – you can see the joy on their faces!



We prayed together for the new boys, had some juice and chips and biscuits, which no party here is complete without, and then they all ran off to eat their dinner in the main kitchen with the big kids.

And I ran off to  my room to shed a few tears.  But I’m ok.  There are 24 other ones here to keep me occupied, and I am grateful for that “small” number for  awhile!


FlyRedButterfly said...

Awww! that is a big change! I'm sure you'll miss all of them because you are the Mama! Praying for you and sending a big hug xo

Nikita said...

It's so hard to watch them grow up! Last time I saw Sam he still had no front teeth! And my precious Shelton will no longer be in your posts... Keep us posted on how well they all do in this change.

Laura said...

I loved remembering Sam with no front teeth and his huge lisp! So darling! I do miss them but still see them a lot, just not in my home :( Thanks ladies!