Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Little Party for About 70 boys!


Yes, it did cross my mind that I’m a little bit crazy.  But I’ve also gotten better at asking for help in my old age so I didn’t do everything myself.  Here’s the scoop:


To celebrate being here ten years, I decided to invite all the kids who have lived here (those that are still living on the center) over for a little party, which here means food!  I had originally hoped to try and invite all the boys who’ve ever lived here, even those who have moved, but that just wasn’t feasible.  I meant to do it Saturday, my actual anniversary, but everything I bought for the party was stolen out of my car. Sad smile 


So I thought I would have it Tuesday instead, tonight, but last night it sounded a bit much so I decided to skip it.  Today on my weekly grocery trip, a friend asked if I was going to have the party and there and then I decided sure, why not!  The above photo shows the state of the kitchen during preparations. 


On the menu were some of the items I’ve served consistently over the years for parties or snacks, so it would be like comfort food (hopefully!) for the boys:  spaghetti with meat sauce, hard boiled egg, popcorn, choice of soda or milk (about 1/4 chose milk In case you’re wondering), a biscuit spread with peanut butter and smiley face raisins for dessert (I don’t do cakes, much to my boys’ chagrin) and a piece of gum as they walked out the gate!


Good grief, where did these men come from?  Some of my “darling boys” are all grown up!!  At  almost 4pm I had the idea to make photo collages for the walls of old photos over the years.  It was the hit of the party!  They loved looking for photos of themselves as well as old friends who no longer live here.  And the younguns loved seeing photos of the older boys when they were little!


I kept saying, to myself and anyone who would listen, “aren’t they gorgeous?  aren’t they darling?  look at all of them, how wonderful!”  If I wasn’t running around so much, I would have been very gushy.

I spoke for just three minutes or so, saying how much I’ve enjoyed being in the dorm, how they know me and know I’m not perfect and sometimes I yell and sometimes I hug and sometimes I play and sometimes I scold them, but always I try and love them and feel loved by them1

I had lots of help from Ben, Rachel, Alta, Charlotte and Sue, I couldn’t have done it without them.  And the tias blessed me by doing all the washing up of the plates and cups before I could even get to say goodbye to all the  boys!  Thankful for that I can tell ya!

Thank you Lord for an adventurous ten years, full of amazing boys.


FlyRedButterfly said...

That's fantastic Laura! How exciting! I am so glad you were able to do this even though all the food got stolen the first time (just bless them God whoever it was)

You have teenagers sons! How scary is that!
Glad you had a great night and had heaps of help!

Laura said...

Thanks Clare! It was fun and I couldn't have done it without the help, that's for sure!