Friday, February 01, 2013



For new readers, or those of you who’ve read my blog for awhile but not memorized all of it, a quick recap:

Several years ago I had quite an age range of boys and the older ones were hitting and fighting with the younger ones.  God gave me an idea out of the blue while driving one day – “brothers.  put them in brothers.”  So I invited them to choose little brothers and the problems in the dorm decreased by about 80%, it was amazing!

IMG_5571It has become a tradition that the boys enjoy and every year after the changing of the dorms, the new oldest boys select  new brothers.  They love it!

IMG_5575This year, the way the numbers worked out, there are eight older brothers with two younger brothers each.  A couple boys aren’t pictured.  Wait –is Spiderman a brother too??






I was trying for a unique spot for each photo so was getting a little desperate with this one but they liked it!  The third brother, Latifo, will arrive tomorrow from the transition house. 

I always wanted a brother!  Someone should have just assigned me one!

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Debbie Crawford said...

Excited about seeing the work you do. We are also missionaries in Southern Mozambique. Our home base is in South Africa.