Tuesday, February 05, 2013



These boys are getting really good at puzzles!  Adilson, above, who is  one of the youngest, got his done lickity split as he seems to have finally gotten the hang of trying to match colors or patterns.


Paulito, who had very little color variation in his, still worked his out in only a few minutes!  Yay!

And, in case you’re wondering if I  make amazing homemade bread from that cookbook in the background, the answer would be “not a one!”  But I did get in for $1 at an expat yard sale here so it was a nice find and who knows, maybe this winter! I’m sure not heating up the house that much this time of year!


Anne Dye said...

Adilson was "our" little boy for the prayer project you did a while back. Just wanted to let you know that we still pray for him regularly.

Laura said...

Oh Anne, thank you for continuing to pray for him - and for telling me! I have your blog saved on my Google reader but haven't seen anything there in ages - are you still blogging?
In case you didn't notice, Adilson is also in the first photo of the blog post just before this one, about Brothers!

FlyRedButterfly said...

Anytime you want to do a prayer project again count me in! And thanks for commenting on my blog! Love it!!

Your boys are so cute! I do miss them!- Well I just miss Africa in general. Counting down til I can come back!
Sending a huge hug