Sunday, March 31, 2013

If Only . . .

DSC_0048I can be pretty hard on myself sometimes.  I want to do the right thing all the time and if I feel I haven’t, I can go over and over it in my mind.  I want to be perfect.  (Hah!)  And if I’m  honest with myself, it’s  not as much because I want to be Christ-like as it is because I want to be liked. 

I just read a brief article in In Touch magazine by Charles Stanley about regrets that really gave me some food for thought in this area. 

1.  “Regret didn’t make my decisions any wiser or more godly – just more bewildering and wearisome.”  By allowing regret to take a strong hold after a poor decision, the author got trapped in second-guessing all her other decisions, always trying to make the perfect choice.    I can relate to this.

2.  “Bondage of guilt doesn’t come from the Lord.  He calls us to repent, not regret.”  I love this.  Repentance is freeing (as we are celebrating this Easter Sunday), regret is a lead weight that holds us down. 

When I look at those precious faces in the photo above, I usually see two main things:  1.  Gorgeous little boys whom I adore, and 2. Gorgeous little boys whom I feel I don’t do enough for.  I have these kind of constant mini-regrets lingering in my mind of all the things I wish I could do with and for my boys but don’t.  All the ways I’m not perfect. 

This isn’t a traditional Easter post in any way, but as I write this on Easter, I am reminded how very grateful I am that I don’t have to be perfect.  That while I was still a sinner, Christ died for the forgiveness of my sins.  That I don’t have to live under the weight of regret but I can repent, when necessary, and receive the forgiveness of my Lord.  And, when I have nothing to repent of but am beating myself up that I can’t do more-be more-fix more, I am reminded that God’s love for me is still the same.  He doesn’t expect me to be perfect.  He is perfect for me. 



Thompson Srinivas said...

By God’s grace we are forgiven for all our inequities we commit knowingly willingly as well unknowingly. We all have fallen short of His glory since we commit sin even after tasting God is good! So how do we refrain from Sin and what is God’s perfect plan in life. As every time we seek His forgiveness, He forgives us and says Sin no more!

On our own we buckle for any temptation and sin instantly. Only the Holy divine spirit of God could lead us in the right path and give us enormous strength to flee from sin and live a life pleasing Him!

Thompson Srinivas said...
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Netajane said...

I really appreciate you taking time to share this. It was a timely reminder for me :-)

Laura said...

Thompson, thank you for these encouraging words, so true! Thank God for his grace and forgiveness!

Netajane, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. How did you find my blog? I went to yours and enjoyed its peacefulness!

Blessings, Laura

Thompson Srinivas said...

I would be leaving Brisbane by mid July and looking forward to an opportunity where God could use me and my wife for helping the needy! I have been praying and sure God has a perfect plan for us too in extending His love for those who are in need. Please keep us in your prayers and be in touch too!

God bless you in your lonely mission!