Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Visit “Home”


These gorgeous children all came to us from a government orphanage called “Premeiro de Maio” in the city.  Felizardo, in the center in Spiderman, had been asking me for ages if he could visit his “home”, the center he grew up in. 

So we loaded up the kids that we knew of that came form there and went for a visit.  I forgot to take any photos inside the center.  But the kids enjoyed the visit and the staff enjoyed seeing them. 

Especially Felizardo, boy was he the star!  The staff came running to find him, brought other staff to see him, took him to see other staff, etc.  Cries of “Felizardo!” could be heard ringing throughout the place.  I felt badly for the rest of the kids. 

But they explained he was there from an infant and they had watched him grow up til almost six when he came to live with us so he was special to them.

As he is to me. 

So these six children have no known family.  They arrived at the government center for one reason or another and there is no record of family.  They were either lost or abandoned or their mom died at birth or myriad other reasons they ended up in the center with no family connections.  But miracles happen and children are reunited or sometimes adopted as was one boy who would have been in this photo. 

Please pray for these kids to find a home – their own or the loving arms of a new family. 

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