Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ah, Sugar Sugar


Precious Vovo de Shelton, in other words, Shelton’s Grandmother, brought me some sugar cane yesterday!  People love it here, you can buy it on the streets and in the city you can buy a cup of it fresh squeezed through a grinder contraption.  But in ten years, I have never tried it.

Now I’m not sure my teeth will forgive me for trying it!

Here’s how you eat it:  you bite into the outer peel and strip it off, all the way around (that’s what I’m doing in the photo).  Then you try and bite off about an inch long piece of it – ow! Then you chew it and suck on it and get all the sugary goodness out of it and spit out the fibers. 

The ladies had a good laugh at my amateur attempts – I’m always up for entertaining them!

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